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PE120 web is a hot melt polyester adhesive produced in nonwoven form. Web adhesives handle like a fabric facilitating both intermittent and continuous processes. The PE120 web series is available in a range of adhesive basis weights ranging from 15 grams to 100 grams per square yard.

    Where to use:
  • Door Panel (Coverstock Bonding)
  • Headliner (Coverstock Bonding)
Pillar Technology

Elastic Bonding (EB)


Fusible Web & Powder (FW&P)


Polyester Bostik Web

Key Features

  • Moderate heat activation temperature
  • Excellent adhesion to textiles and urethane foam
  • Good temperature resistance

Key Benefits

  • Excellent resistance to laundering
  • Fast setting
  • 100% solids


PE120 web adhesives are sold in roll form. They are typically 500 to 1000 linear yard (457 to 914 linear meter) long rolls on a 3 inch (7.6 cm) inner diameter core. For further packaging details please contact your Bostik sales or technical representative.

Shelf Life

PE120 should be shipped and stored at temperatures below 54°C. The shelf life of PE120 is 24 months under these conditions.

Application Techniques

PE120 web can be activated with any of the following means: electric fusing press, heated rolls, heated air, or radiant heat. Dry heat activation requires 132°C. Reactivation time is dependent upon technique, temperature, pressure, substrates, and adhesive thickness, but would fall in the 8 to 10 second range.

Typical Physical Properties
AppearanceMilky White
Basis Weight Range15-100 g/yd² (18-120 g/m²)
Trimmed Width10 to 68 in (25 to 173 cm)
Melt Point120°C
Min. Activation Temp.138°C

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