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HM4289 is a specially developed plasticizer resistant adhesive in pellet form. This heat resistant automotive adhesive product has been developed to bond to a variety of substrates including automotive headliner wire harness attachment, as well as automotive filters.

    Where to use:
  • Headliner Attachment (Wire Harness)
Pillar Technology



Hot Melt (HM)


Dimer Acid Polyamide

Key Features

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Moderate flexibility
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for applications where exposure to high temperatures is common
  • Easy application
  • Moderate open time


This item is available in 44 pound bags.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is one year at 73°F (23°C) in sealed containers.

Storage and Handling

Polyamides will slowly absorb moisture from ambient air, which may cause foaming upon melting of the product. Therefore, care should be taken to minimize moisture exposure. Keep containers sealed when not in use and store in cool, dry area.

Health and Safety Precautions

The Safety Data Sheet should be consulted for proper handling, clean up and spill containment before use. Keep containers covered to minimize contamination.

Application Techniques

HM4289 can be applied in conventional hot melt applicators at temperatures between 385-405°F (196-207°C).

Typical Physical Properties
AppearanceAmber Pellets
Density1.0 g/cc
Softening Point (Ball & Ring)170°C
Thermosel Viscosity5,250 cP (200°C)
Tensile at Break1,740 psi (12,000 kN/m²)
Elongation at Break290 %
Shore D Hardness48
Relative Open Time @ 218°C20-30 seconds

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